In 1971, Ted graduated with his bachelor’s degree from the College of Santa Fe. Upon graduation, Ted signed up for the United States Navy and attended Officer Candidate and Communications Officer School in Newport, Rhode Island.
He became the Communications Officer (COMMO) who ran the Communications Department that sent and received messages to and from other ships, aircraft, and shore facilities. He served on the USS Anchorage LSD-36, an amphibious support ship, where he was assigned to Pacific 3rd Fleet based out of Naval Station, San Diego, CA. He was promoted to a lieutenant and would often get his fellow crew members involved in the Catholic orphanage in San Diego.
The ongoing Vietnam conflict, the evacuation of Saigon (Operation Frequent Wind), the efforts to rescue refugees, and chasing the pirate hijacked SS Mayague were among the operations Ted helped support during his time of service. Ted valued his years in the Navy and appreciated the camaraderie formed with his lifelong friends, Ed Alder and Chuck Johnson.
(Left to right: Ed, Chuck, Ted)
(Left to right: Ed, Ted, Chuck)
He was respected and admired by his division/entire ship’s company and returned home June 15th, 1975.